21 juin 2008

holiday at Garut

In June 2007, I went holiday in Garut, West Java. I went there with my big family: my grandfather, grandmother, and also two my cousins came along with us. We went there by car. Besides for holiday, we went there for visited our family gathering too.
As soon as we arrived there, we visited Cangkuang Temple.Cangkuang Temple build in since century to 8. Cangkuang Temple’s location was 10 KM from Garut city. To get there we have to crossed the river by bamboo raft. It was exciting!
After visited the temple, we visited the museum too.We was given explanation by the operator of temple. It’s about Cangkuang Temple’s history.
After satisfied being around the temple we went back to Garut city. But before that we bought some souvenir that sold around temple.
The next day, we visited family gathering in my uncle’s house. The house wasn’t big, but in the yard there was a very big fish pond with big fishes too. And I didn’t want to let pass this chance, I taked tool of fish hook and fishing with my cousin. I got many fishes!
My uncle who had the house, had a baby named Tiara. She’s very cute and heavy. I played with and carried her also.
It was very interesting! And it’s time to go back to hotel. I like this hotel. Actually, this hotel was like the other hotel, but it had warm water pool. I tried for several times submerged in there.
After 2 days being in Garut city it was time to go home! I was very sad to leave Garut city. I thought, Garut was an interesting place and I loved the warm water pool too. Good bye, Garut! I hope, I can visit Garut again………..