28 juin 2010

11th grader

Hi! Now I'm officially an 11th grader and I'm really grateful for it. Last Friday, my mother and I went to school and I got my school report card. I really thanked God that my grades were so nice and I obtained Science class. Since I was a kid, Architect's my dream job. I thought it was so cool to sketch houses and build my (and maybe people's) own dream house. I hope Science class could bring my dream into reality *crossed fingers*

And also Congratulation to all my friends who also got 11th grade this year, no matter what class you obtain. Hearty Congratulation to you all!

Fildza Hasnamudhia

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Ari a dit…

Alhamdulillah, nice to hear :). Will you still study at INTRA again? hemm I'm not, I moved to Inten for 11th grade Science hohoho

Ari a dit…

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Ari a dit…
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Wijaya Kusumah a dit…

good posting